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USACE Opening up West Berm

02/01/2020 08:12

It has come to our attention that the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) is reviewing their Shoreline Policy. There have been a couple of meetings presented by the USACE to allow the public to comment on changes being made to Lake Texoma

There is a concern for CCYC in that the west berm is being considered for allowing boat houses to be added. This will affect CCYC in various ways. It is asked that members and the surrounding community reach out to the USACE concerning this allowance.

Marshal County has done a really nice job in creating the public use area around Ashbury Ave. The public use ramp is a really nice addition for the community to use for boaters. It is my opinion that the addition of additional Boat houses in this area will impact this area for boaters and their families. Adding more boat houses in this area does harm to what I believe is a nice area for families to come, launch their boats, go around to the beach and enjoy the lake.

Opinion or fact, this change to the west berm will impact CCYC from a maintenance concern. The addition of boat houses on the berm will allow for others to utilize the walkway and the unimproved berm area. The families of the new boat houses will utilize the walkway in ways that CCYC itself did NOT intend. Think of a new owners family driving their golf cart or motorcycle to reach their property. While parents/adults may NOT cause much harm, but the younger members will cause havoc.  Yes, it is known that members of CCYC utilize the walkway via their carts to reach our docks. Over the years, our members have treated the walkway with much respect since we have been the ones providing the maintenance to the entire area. 

From the public use area to CCYC, it would be nice if the area reachable by the parking lot NOT have any boat houses allowed. This would allow the community an open access to the lake via the public use area that has a little bit of a view of Lake Texoma. If the county becomes able to perform additional improvements including public restrooms, cabanas or the like, everyone would win. Adding more boat houses in this area overall is a bad idea. 


North Island Lease

02/26/2017 11:10

The US ACE is looking at evaluating the lease of North Island on Lake Texoma.

To read more go to US ACE Site for info site.

Joe Custer is open for comments on the issue. His contact information is listed below.

Joe Custer
351 Corps Road, Denison, TX 75020-6425

Please get involved, it is your lake also.