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Asbury Smith Award

Sean Cina

Sean Cina


This year's award goes to Sean Cina for his efforts and support of our club. Sean, with his eagerness and love of sailing, is very refreshing. He along with his family bring to the club a never-ending enthusiasm. Their affection of sailing shows greatly.
His contribution to "dive-in" and spend much of his available time to replace the corroded clamps on the horseshoe stirrups rewards us all with the essential maintenance of our docks. His taking time away from his love to support the docks stands out and is very much appreciated by our club members.
These actions along with others in giving of their time and efforts is what makes our facility and club the best on Lake Texoma.

To recognize the outstanding contributions of Asbury Smith to the Caney Creek Yacht Club (CCYC), the Board of Governors of the CCYC has established the Asbury Smith Award. This award is presented to those outstanding members of the CCYC who have demonstrated the qualities of trusted friend, yachtsman, and leader as personified by Asbury Smith.

As a trusted friend, Mr. Smith was always ready to lend a hand of assistance to anyone who could benefit from his technical skills or sound advice.

As a yachtsman, Mr. Smith built and outfitted “White Cloud,” represented CCYC across Lake Texoma as a regatta-winning sailor, and, was most fond of meditating to the sibilant sound of a yacht’s bow wave as he contemplated a shimmering sunset on Lake Texoma.

As a leader, Mr. Smith was not only a founder of CCYC, but also continued to provide the direction and vision necessary to promote sailing on Lake Texoma and to improve and maintain the facilities of CCYC for the benefit of all the members.

The consideration of nominations for the Asbury Smith Award will be made in an executive session of the July meeting of the CCYC Board of Governors. Nominations for the Award are to be made by any member of the CCYC Board of Governors attending the July board meeting. Following the nominations, the Board will consider the merit of each nominee and choose by a majority vote one recipient for the Award. The names of the nominees are not to be disclosed, and the name of an honored member will not be disclosed until the presentation of the Award. In the event that there are no nominations or if the Board determines that none of the nominees have met the criteria for the Award, no award will be presented.

The honored member will receive a bronze plaque signifying the member’s outstanding contribution to CCYC. The design of the plaque is to remain the same as the plaque presented at the 2002 banquet.

The Commodore will present the Award at the annual banquet of the CCYC.